Moogfest Lost Over $1.5 Million, Seeking Community Funding For 2015

By most accounts Moogfest 2014 was a successful event that was a good fit for Asheville. It was certainly strong artistically but there was a bit of a disconnect between the event and the stated business claims.

The Local Business Case for Moogfest

A big part of the business case for Moogfest was put forth in a press release that came out after the event:

“Beyond a traditional music festival, Moogfest aims to be an engine for driving economic development in Western North Carolina. While it was undoubtedly a short-term, shot-in-the-arm for downtown retailers, restaurants and hotels, the long-term goal say Moogfest organizers, ‘is to inspire big thinking start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovators to consider Asheville as a community to relocate their forward thinking businesses,

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